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Breathtaking Glamour and affordability a step closer with our new quartz and sintered collection!

UM Quartz is made from premium quartz minerals, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative technology where a mixture of quartz and resins is bonded together and pressed with a very high pressure creating such a durable, flexible surface.

UM Sintered is made from a sophisticated mixture of minerals extracted from nature. By using state of art technology all the minerals are bonded together by a sintering process. This creates this such ultra compact stone that has such great characteristics to deliver durability and resistance to any of it’s use.

What are the colours available?

With a selection of 28 UMQ and 8 UMS color choices there is a great variety for you to choose from, you can browse all colors below.
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UM Quartz


UMQ and UMS has many advantages to use for worksurfaces, it's characteristics make it a perfect choice to fit around your home.

*UMS Only

What are their textures?

UMQ surface is available in two different finishes. In addition to the standard polished finish selected colours can be ordered in a M texture


Shinny and smooth texture with intense and consistent color.


A matte finish offers a unique soft and pleasant feel.

UMQ & UMS is a long lasting surface with a very low maintenance required to keep clean. It’s non porous and highly resistant to scratches. An ideal choice for any kitchen or bathroom worktops and many other applications. It’s also backed up by Ultra Marble 10 year warranty for extra piece of mind!

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