We've taken stone surfaces to a whole new level.

Dive into a world of curved shapes with thermoforming technology.

Thermoformed is the technical name given to a curve that has been achieved by the process of thermo-forming which means formed by using temperature. With quartz surfaces the process is basically the same, The material temperature is raised gradually in a controlled environment so that it becomes flexible without breaking. The flexibility of each material is defined by the content of resin present. Our latest technology called 3D thermoforming allowed us to create a 3D curve in multiple directions.


This process is very intricate requiring a long time and the right equipment to be able to achieve such finish. But the end result is somewhat incredible to see. As an example the picture on the left is a representation of a project with thermoformed waterfall panels on an island. The curved panel is in one piece in a quartz called Unistone by Brachot. 

Thermoforming Projects

Take a look at some projects we have produced using this method
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