Bespoke Sinks

Clean, modern and stylish sinks to complete your kitchen.

Embark into the freedom of our bespoke sinks.

Bespoke means freedom, means endless possibilities. It’s amazing when we can imagine something different in our mind for our projects, but really incredible is to make it happen. Our skilled team of masons have pushed their limits to develop an incredible method to manufacture bespoke sinks in any material including sintered stone surfaces. With the amazing sloped easy dry base you will no longer have to wipe the base of the sink dry. 

Bespoke Sink Projects

Take a look at some projects we have produced using this sinks.

Slopped easy dry base, let it dry to the last drop!

Constructed of five pieces to slope towards your waste

The way we construct these sinks it will never fail, We slot every piece into each other, we place extra reinforcement and we perform water tight testing to ensure you’re getting a product that will last and will not cause any damage to your furniture in the long run. 

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