Edge Profiles

Whether you are using an engineered stone like Quartz, Sintered or a Natural Stone like Marble or Granite, there is the perfect worktop edge profile that will suit your desired look.

The edge profiles is one of the most important part of your worktops, it blends with the style any kitchen.

The most popular edge profiles are the Chamfered and Penciled Edge. These are not just more cost affective but also it certainly works better with modern style kitchens.

Sharks nose it’s also common to be used in modern kitchens as it gives such a sharp look, giving that impression that it’s a thin floating worktop. 

For a traditional style kitchen, often ogee or dupond is used. Half bullnose and full bullnose is also another two tipical edge profiles used to give the worktop a classic look. A combination of a buildup on these edge profiles can be used to create that chunky premium traditional look!

Our Worktop Edging Profiles

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