We are delighted you have chosen us to produce your worktops, now it’s important that you are informed of what warranty we offer!

Installation Warranty

Ultra Marble 1 year installation warranty will be automatically registered from the date of installation.

Ultra Marble Ltd for a period of 1 year will put right any damage that can occur to the worksurfaces due to improper installation. This includes any of the following cases.Dislodged joins, undermount sinks, worktops or upstands due to insufficient bonding agent or incorrect tolerances given.

What’s not included in the installation warranty

Damage arising from the improper use, including but not limited to use of the worktops for purposes of which it is not intended, worktops becoming unsupported due to movements of the building or cabinetry, natural disasters, damage caused by interaction with other products or any other cause that is beyond the control of Ultra Marble Ltd.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Each product warranty is offered by the manufacturer/brand. Ultra Marble Ltd will support any claim process and work alongside the manufacturer/brand to resolve the claim in a timely manner.

Ultra Marble Ltd will not offer any warranty over the product itself other than the specified above. Please refer to the warranty letter from the manufacturer/brand of worktops you are purchasing in order to be fully aware of what is or isn’t covered under their warranty.

Ultra Marble Ltd will not offer any warranty for any natural stone.

In the event of a manufacturer’s warranty claim Ultra Marble will not cover any associated costs other than what the manufacturer’s will agree to cover.

UMQ & UMS Warranty

Our UMQ and UMS Products do not require any warranty registration, it’s 10 year warranty will get automatically activated from the date the installation is completed.

Please read our warranty letter for what’s covered and what’s not covered under our warranty.


Some brands will require that you register your purchase to activate their warranty.

Please click on the Manufacturer/Brand of worktops you have purchased from us on the links below to be directed to their warranty registration page.

If you can’t find the Manufacturer/Brand of worktops below you may not need to register with them. Please give us a call to confirm this is the case.

For any Cosentino’s products you will need to take a note of our fabricator ID: 7000929967

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